At Connorsville Cheese Store we offer local beef snack sticks, summer sausage, home-grown ground beef, bacon, brats, and hot dogs.


We also carry both farm-fresh and store bought eggs.

Spices & Baking Supplies

We offer a full line of bulk spices as well as baking supplies.

Flour, dried fruits, coconut, sugars, local honey, local maple syrup,

and Farmer to Farmer coffee.

Other Dairy Products

You will find a full line of other dairy products in our shop. Including milk, butter, sour cream, heavy cream, and ice cream. We can even make you a malt or ice cream cone!

Stop in and visit us today! Not only do we have all of these products, but we have hand-made gifts, gourmet salsas and sauces, home-made soaps and lotions, household staples, pizzas, snacks, and much more!